The Lighthouse-A Jesus Name Church in Saint George,UT 84770

The Lighthouse-A Jesus Name Church

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  • i am exremely happy to visit your blessed Church and would like to connect with in seeing your appreciable activities in the Name of Jesus Christ. Here in ou r Country India in Andhra Pradesh in a deep Corner of Village Diwanchertu I am Working as a Pastor among poor and needy commun ities and Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every Creature as per Scripture .Mark.16:15,Matt.28:19 that through which the Lor our Jesus Christ commanded us since we appointed by Him to win perishing souls for His Kingdom sake. Bu t unfortunately we are unable to make a Church Plantation in this area in among our poor communities in our Village because of the Poverty is taken place in our lives. We are really spending starvation and facing struggle since many years. But we all as Church believers are prayin g and shedding tears for His wonderful helps and supports we might deliver from distressed lives as soon as possible by receiving His abundant and helps from His loving and God chosen people of amazing Church Ministries and generous Groups. Thanking you very much. We anxiously look forward to hear you favorable earliest reply. Yours loving Pastor. VEMAGIRI ISSAC.