The Life House Church Staff & Leaders

  • Pastor MJ Sonny

    A few words about me: Pastor M. J. Sonny 1 I am the kind of guy who never would have imagined being in a position to where God would consider me anything more than just someone who needs His redemption. But some way some how the Lord saw fit to continuously use me for his works, more and more. And the closer our relationship grew, the more my heart yearned to help others to gain the kind of relationship I know God desires to have with us all. God has blessed me with three awesome kids and a drop dead gorgeous wifey/lover/best friend/my boo!!! (I wish you could see me because I am doing a praise dance right this minute, LOL) And what we have learned and come to see as a family, is that we have a heart for the people. For example: Almost any day of the week, I can come home from work to find my daughter with a house full of friends, and she is serving each and every one of them something to eat. Another: my wife, who just last week, set us up to council a married couple who was a patient she met at her job. Or even my sons, who will do whatever it takes to make the ministry flow. I am so grateful for their support, and thankful that God has given us a common desire to please him and minister to HIS people.