St. Michael Catholic Church in Gainesville,GA 30501-2457

St. Michael Catholic Church

What people say about St. Michael Catholic Church

  • The pastor here is like Dracula. He does a intelligence job in leeching off of his victims and he enjoy the pleasure of preying on his victims. He has no faith. Mark his words for it is the devils.

  • This place has no love. What a pile of nasty junk. This place from the very top has the ugliest pastor. His behavior is very destructive to some parishioners. This place is a pile a nasty Luciferian agenda. What a waste of life. I would never visit this building for the safety my family and my children.

  • When the pastor opens his mouth, he insert terror into the individual who is outcasted. He only looks after the selfish interest of the many and especially gives ruthless hate to the victim. What a hideous piece of garbage.

  • The pastor attitude is the way he looks. Fat and hideous. Your faith goes astray when you associate yourself with this pastor.

  • This place has a nasty pastor. Ugly his ugly sermons and ugly attitude. No taste of faith. Terrible place to even be at. Total Garbage.