St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Anchorage,AK 99507

St. Mary's Episcopal Church

What people say about St. Mary's Episcopal Church

  • I love st. Marys because I feel t home here. I am welcomed with open arms any time I am able to attend, and when I am not, no one looks askanse at me. I am acceptable just the way I am, whether I am walking well or stumbling about struggling with balance issues. My gifts are appreciated and used. Everyone is a valued part of every service and program. This church is full of love and acceptance. You can be boisterous or shy and still fit in perectly and feel right at home; be a lay reader or sit quietly in the back, You are still one of 'us' and everybody knows your name. If they don't they just ask.(maybe many times if they have the memory problems I do). We care for each other because He first cared for us.

  • I love St. Mary's because it has been my road back to church and a faith community. After years of feeling driven away from church because it seemed to me that many churches spent most of their energy being fans of Jesus and not followers (that line is not mine, but I really like it). Here at St. Mary's we try to follow Jesus and live as he did by example. We have a very active food pantry, welcome all persons, work in our communitiy to help those less able to help themselves and offer a helping hand and words of encouragement. After church I always feel more connected to God and that we are all a part of something far greater then ourselves.

  • St. Mary's says all are welcome...and they actually mean it. Questions are encouraged. Individuals and diversity are celebrated. Everyone's path is their own and that is respected. Liturgical basically means lots of ritual, which is comforting to some and intimidating if it's your first time through the door. It doesn't take long before it becomes familiar and no longer intimidating. Despite the liturgy, St. Mary's doesn't take itself too seriously. The Praise Singers at the 11:30 service are the BEST! I am so thankful for this faith family!