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Springhill Baptist Church

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  • i remember it from my youth, as i often visited as a guest of Archie and Mary Scott, attending summer and fall night revival services. some of the best pulpit sermons i ever heard came from the Springhill pulpit. fond and loving memories. i played the organ on several occasions for weddings at Springhill and, unfortunately, i played for several funerals there., also. i always enjoyed their gospel quartet singings, church dinners, and their new year's night ring in of the new year. naturally, i knew Anne Brewer, as she was the pianist as long as i can remember. her parents were, of course, archie and mary scott, our wonderful next door neighbors. they were my second set of parents. they fed me, took care of me, encouraged me, we worked in the fields together, and if those two fail to get to Heaven, then i'm sure there is no hope for me. i loved both of them dearly. both anne and reed were hard workers, and we picked beans, corn, cut and hauled fire wood, killed hogs and cickens, tended the gardens, hoed cotton,cleared fields, etc. for many years. i knew all of the siblings: ruth, gladys, nancy, john, dave, mildred and sue and all of mr. archie's brothers and sisters. they all use to attend Springhill, at least helen, charlie, and the scotts. the hudsons, robertsons, ellises, and many more---i would love to know who is there now. i know that anne has transferred to FBC-paris. cheryl martin dicky and their families were, at one time, very involved w/ the congregation. cheryl, i remember, was organist for a good while. finnis huffman family, the bomars---jerry alec and families, herman and daisy robertson. i wonder if i could purchase a printed directory. i was unable to get to the memorial service, but my sister and brother-in-law debbie and larry owen, held their daughter's service at springhill in june of 2020. amanda was murdered by her estranged husband, along w/ one of their office employees. the husband ended up committing suicide that late afternoon. i remember the old church building and the slat-back pews w/ splinters a'plenty. when mr. willie b. and mr. herman finished the remodeling and addition to the church building, their work made all the difference in the world. they did a fabulous job. i am sorry to go on like this, but when i drive by the building i really get homesick. i tried to find information on line re: attendance, membership, etc., and i wanted to see if the church had a new organ, piano, or new interior; however, there was lttle to nothing to locate. i would like to visit again, even though i know many are no longer there. i am episcopalian, st. mary's cathedral church, memphis and grace-st. luke's episcopal, midtown memphis. i sing and play regularly, as i am professionally trained in voice performance and on the pipe organ. if you could, perhaps you could send me a history and update of the congregation. i would like to know how the congregation is doing.

    martin wright