Southside Baptist Church Staff & Leaders

  • Jeff Robinson

    Jeff Robinson

    Jeff Robinson is the Senior Pastor at Southside. He is the lead preacher/teacher and seeks to base his messages on a responsible interpretation of the Bible while relating Scriptures to everyday experiences in order to encourage faithfulness with regards to Christian beliefs and practices. He also provides counseling and upon request, conducts baby dedications, marriages, and funeral services. Jeff is married to Melissa Robinson, our Worship Leader, and has three children, Corrinn, Christa and Davis. He has had the privilege of serving the congregation of Southside Baptist Church in Lufkin,TX since 1994. Upon assuming this role at the struggling congregation, God began a miraculous resurrection of the church and it soon became a place of unity among the saints and refuge for the spiritually wounded. During his tenure here, conversions, congregational ministries, community outreach endeavors, and world mission activities have grown exponentially. Church attendance has increased eight fold under his leadership. His love for Jesus Christ and the people of God have led him to speak and preach in many churches, and conferences around the area. Before pastoring Southside, Jeff served as a youth minister and education minister in churches in Louisiana and Texas.