Skyline Baptist Church in El Paso,TX 79924

Skyline Baptist Church

What people say about Skyline Baptist Church

  • I was a member of this church early on in the late sixties. I learned my faith and beliefs and how to live a righteous life at this church. When I was 5 Pastor Douglas asked if there was anyone in our congregation who wanted to give their life to Jesus. Without hesitation I walked down the aisel at age 5 thinking to myself Christ died on the cross for me it is the least I can do to die for him. I actually thought I had to physically die and I was willing to do this! I was later a Royal Ambassador I made it to Pathfinder I think. Then I would be Baptised for the second ,but real time! Nothing but good memories of this church and my youth. Camping ,picnics ,Christmas shows ,Sunday school ,we did it all!