Saint Paul Lutheran Church in Apopka,FL 32703

Saint Paul Lutheran Church

What people say about Saint Paul Lutheran Church

  • Walking in to this HOUSE OF GOD feels the same as when you are welcomed into one of your best friends homes! There is NO pretentiousness and there is NO doubt that the smiles which greet you here are reflecting from "THE LIGHT" - you know - the one "ABOVE" ! It is difficult to describe this "feeling" that you will have when entering these doors - you know it is there although you cannot actually touch or see it - YES - just like FAITH! The only thing that I can say to you - is do not miss the opportunity to even VISIT this Church and Bible Study at 9:00 on Sunday mornings and Wednesday Evenings at 6:30 (but be sure to arrive early because at 6:00 the Pot Luck Supper is just the precursor to the FOOD FOR THE SOUL that follows) and I am testimony that even after over a half of a Century of Lutheran Education.....I learned something new the very first meeting that I attended here! Once again - I now have a fresh clean perspective on what I had always HOPED that a "Bible Study Group" might be! Here is a place of learning, sharing, and asking WHATEVER question you might have (although there might not be an answer - being ABLE to ask it what REALLY counts - right?) - is NEVER viewed as "stupid" - this is a place where the only "stupid question" is the one that "isn't asked"! It quickly becomes apparent that the strength, the faith and the support is drawn from the Pastor here - the Rev. Donald Moore! He does not have to wear the "reversed collar" around his neck (although he does) to KNOW that he is truly an emissary from our Lord God Himself. But PLEASE don't take my word for it - STOP BY AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!