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  • Hi my name is John Smith I'm 57 years old from Summerville Georgia I rent a mobile home here and I would you call a deadbeat landlord. Landlords never been in this mobile home when you purchase a flag in May or June of 2020 and right now the present time never been in the one that I live in when he did purchase them back in June and July 2028 coached him and I told him that I didn't have any kind of heat resource and I needed some for the winter he looked at me and told me to go to Walmart to buy me an electric heater and walk away. I started getting cold I text his wife Tara Wilson and her response also was as someone go buy you one portable heater they refused to put I hate this damn in here that would heat the front and the back part of the mobile home so this winter I had to use my stove and put a mattress on the floor and my dog and I slept there 2in stay warm by the stove during the day I used to wear a jacket a winter jacket stay warm and make sure my 15 year old no I was always covered with something because he was freezing is Mocksville things happening this mobile home that's good for floors falling the showing lights are falling multiple multiple violations I called the building inspector and he come March 3rd 2021 and was really upset in the condition of this whole home he's basically condemning it but he's got to give the landlord to say what he wants to say let the landlord the last three meetings is not showing up to talk to the building inspector he always has some kind of excuse. But I don't need inspector still wants me out because you said it's a livable so I'm going to have to find me a place to move to but I need help with a deposit rent for the first month because I had to use my stove and this little heater I didn't know that that cost so much money two and a half months of my electric bill is $1,000 which I'm trying my best to get paid an hour but I is landlords never been in this mobile one time and raise my rent put my dog on rental lease and I have to pay for the repairs and Utilities in my mobile home my landlord the black gentleman he says he's a minister there's no Minister I know that would treat people like you guys treated me and I know other people around you that has a trailer they've been here twice the landlord and his wife I'm not going to the door and run just driveway I think they think my gayness is going from the home invasion was pistol-whipped two heart attacks severe depression and on HIV positive currently as we speak I have congestive heart this gentleman is prejudiced because I'm white because I'm homosexual and he's breaking the law my not putting heat in here and I need other resources I tried to find a place all winter to move to financially I could not and a lot of places but financially I just going to forward to new and with this virus going on people that want to rent I am now in the rental lease pay for all the appliances at the right now and it I never experienced any more than that would let somebody freeze to death and still charge them rent and not even care if there's anything that you guys going to assist me with I would appreciate it so very much whether it be financial assistance to help pay for moving her furniture or even help with legal I would appreciate it and you stay over on that table appreciate so very much if you need to contact me please at to email or text or call my cell phone listed below thank you John Fitzgerald Smith
    Phone 706-506-0308