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The Bridge Church
The Bridge Church
The Bridge Church
The Bridge Church
The Bridge Church
The Bridge Church
The Bridge Church
The Bridge Church

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2398 W Antler Ave
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Who We Are

Are you tired of people trying to get you to come to their church?  Well... SO ARE WE!  We don't believe in going to church... and what's more we don't think Jesus did either!

When Jesus talked about the Church, he always spoke of it as a living entity.  A living, breathing being... kinda like you and me.  Well actually exactly like you and me.  That is because Jesus didn't talk about the Church as a place to go, but rather a thing to be.

Our desire at The Bridge is to be the Church.  Our desire is to connect with people and to connect with God in a way that is very real instead of very religious.  Our desire is to share with each other and with the community of Redmond everything that God has given us regardless of church background or lack thereof.  Our desire is to serve one another and our community the same way that Jesus did.

Sure, we're a part of the Nazarene denomination... and we're proud of it.  It keeps us accountable, keeps us on track, and holds us to a high standard.  But if you think you know what "Nazarenes" are like... think again.  We are not here to convince you that our church (or denomination) is any better than any other (who cares?!)  We just want the chance to show the world who Jesus really is and we challenge you to rethink your stereotypes of what the church is or isn't.

Think we're kidding?  Come check out what's going on at The Bridge and see for yourself.  If you don't like it try somewhere else just don't let your predisposed ideas ruin what could be the time of your life!

About Us

Casual, Friendly, Young families, Lots of kids

Community Service, Children's Ministry, Adult Education, Nursery, Young Adults

Contemporary, Passionate Reverent

Church of the Nazarene





Kevin Campbell-White

Kevin Campbell-White

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