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  • I’m just a local St. Petersburg Jesus follower- my name is Kelly Zook.  I’m not a pastor or anything other than a Jesus follower who believes Tampa Bay is on the brink of breakthrough for revival.  I see Biblically where we can expect God to fulfill his promise to us in big ways to bring revival from the verse- 2 Chronicles 7:14- “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves (fast), pray and seek my face, turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and heal their land.”

    I believe we have so many examples in the Bible of corporate fasting and repentance and a nation coming into fullness of God.  I believe the Bible is for today and the same promises hold true.

    Currently 50,000 people across the globe are signed up to corporately pray and fast for 40 days for “healing of lands” during lent (March 1- April 9) and that is what we want and need here in Tampa Bay- revival.  Let’s use that support that mission I n our prayers and fasting for this region.  Please consider promoting Lou Engle’s ministry is very supportive and responsive.  They have videos and manuals they will send to anyone interested using as tools to support this journey. I contacted this email:  [email protected] and spoke to a director at Lou Engle Esteban and he was super helpful in getting me loads of resources. I’ll do whatever I can to be helpful also. 

    I encourage you to join this movement and expect big things.  We can promote individuals to journey on this as a 40 day fast or act collectively as a church in taking turns fasting for different lengths of time to cover the full 40 days as each church is able to schedule it amongst their congregation.  I believe so much creativity exists to figure out how to include as many people as possible so please move as you are led.

    God bless you and may His grace be with you as we journey as THE CHURCH and pray for laborers to be sent to bring in the Harvest! We can lay aside denominational differences and armor up side by side in prayer.

    Let’s decree together that as we humble ourselves and pray and seek righteousness  that heavens will open up and pour out over Tampa  Bay and our land will be healed and harvest will come in and the mighty works of God’s hand will be made manifest everywhere around us and the nation will be set on fire from Tampa Bay being the catalyst in the wave of this new season and era. In Jesus name - Amen! 

    Overwhelming abundance and blessings on your body of believers,

    Kelly Zook