Pleasant Valley Church Staff & Leaders

  • Paul Carrasco

    Paul Carrasco

    Pastor Carrasco came to God in 1980 while in the city of Santa Barbara, California. Interestingly, his first Pentecostal church service visit occurred on his 18th birthday, and he was baptized in Jesus’ Name on that day. He gave his life to God and went on to become a minister in his local church. In 1982, he met his future wife, Priscilla, at a church youth service, and the two were married the following year in Ventura, California. His ministry continued to flourish and grow, as did the Carrasco family, which saw three daughters born to them. Yet God had more for Paul and Priscilla. While driving home to Southern California in 1998, God spoke to Paul about starting a church in Gilroy while in the Taco Bell parking lot on 10th street. He moved his family north to the Bay Area, and the South County Pentecostal Church was founded. The church has since been renamed Pleasant Valley Church. In his spare time, Pastor Carrasco enjoys golf, though he doesn’t claim to have much skill in that regard. His other interests include studying the Bible, working with people, and music. Pastor Carrasco and his wife have been married for nearly thirty years, and have been blessed with three daughters, two sons- in-law, as well as their first grandson, who was born in the summer of 2010.“I look forward to a greater move of God in my family and in the church,” says Pastor Carrasco. “I believe the best days are yet to come!”