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    Pastor.I.M.Dhas (superintendent ) Assemblies of God Missionaries organization Kotthimangalam colony Mamallapuram Road Kothimangalam Thirukalukundram 603109 Kancheepuram Dist Tamilnadu South India [email protected] Phone- 00919677373258 Dear Brother and loving sister in Christ.. Greetings to you all in Jesus name. I am very much glad to introduce about myself. My name is Dhas and i am the president of Assemblies of god missionaries organization This is a missionary organization. Jesus said that :Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation (Mark 16:15) Our vision is to carry the gospel to unreached villages in all over in India and making church planting ministry. We are giving six month training program to the missionaries and we are sending them to our mission field where the gospel is not reached yet. I am traveling all over India and doing gospel ministry through our missionaries in remote villages in Orissa, West Bengal, Andhra, Karnataka, Tamilnad and north India where the gospel is still not yet reached . Present 60 missionaries are working with our AOGMO in sixty different places in India in very remote jungle villages and doing church planting ministry and making water well project and medical camp and supporting poor children by providing them with school uniform, books, notes and also supporting by giving small monthly support for widows and free medical hospital to every one.We are built new churches in our mission field where our missionaries are working.Please pray for us to built new churches in Hindu militancy villages. . We are also running children's home for street , parent-less and disabled kids .Present at Orissa, Andhra, Karnataka and Tamilnad and west Bengal 100 disabled children's are taken care of us through our shiloh children's home orphanage center.We have adopted one hundred orphan,street and disabled kids and we are giving them free food and shelter and education .Medical,etc . We are going to start blind ,dumb and deaf children school and center..Please pray for us and help us with little donation .Our eyes are looking up towards your mercy and big heart support.,You are also welcome to provide small contribution to our orphanage during your birthday,anniversary etc.please tell about us to your relatives,friends and family.Church, We will be very very thankful to you always for your generously giving for the Lord works in India .If any one interested to visit to our Mission field and do short mission work with us in India Please contact us .You are all most welcome to India .Please pray for me and my family and all of our missionaries family and my all ministry work in India.In the month of march 25 ,26- 2016 we are going to conduct international pastor crusade for two days.I would like to invite you attend to this crusade .We are looking 1000 pastors ,missionaries will be gathering in this meeting from all over India.Your presence and teaching would be a great blessing and encourage for the missionaries and village pastors in India. we are very much eager to see you in this crusade.I am looking forward for your good reply with prayer. We are all praying for your family .Please pray for us. If any prayer needs please kindly call us above phone number.God bless your family and ministry. The blessings of the lord be with you all forever Amen Amen Amen, Forever in your heart with true love, yours brother in the service of un reached villages in India, Rev. I. M. Dhas send your loving donation through below bank account by net transfer. Name –ISACC MANUVEL DASS, Bank name-Indian bank, Bank a/c number 894689761, Bank address-Indian bank, Anupuram township branch (1417), Flat no 4, 1flr, Godhavari buildings, Anupuramtownship, Mulikolathur, post, kancheepuramdist, Tamilnadu, state – India Bank IFSC Code : IDIB000A129 Bank swift code Indian bank Chennai IDIBINBBTSY, NO.1801840, CIF 393510069, May the lord accept and bless you as you make commitments to pray of GMFI regularly. Send us your loving offerings according to (Malachi 3:10) the Lord will open the windows of heaven and pour out so much blessings that you will not have room enough to receive it. I thank you very much for your prayers,supports and encouragement for our AOGMO ministry in India. May the lord provide all your needs, continue to generously give to the lord. Every money you send us will be spent to the kingdom of God. There is no doubt that the lord almighty will bless you with his riches let the grace and blessings of the lord be with you and your family Amen! Amen! Amen! Yours brother in the service of un reached villages in India REV.I.M.Dhas