New Light Baptist Church - Richmond, VA in Richmond,VA 23223-7026

New Light Baptist Church - Richmond, VA

What people say about New Light Baptist Church - Richmond, VA

  • I joined this church in 2002, because I had a family member that was a member of this church I have not been to church since my parent passed away 8 years before. I decided to join a new church after moving leaving my life in NJ behind especially with children I felt I should give them an opportunity to learn and make their own choice about church, God and Jesus. The first couple years was rough in and out, more out than in as the church went thought changes in ministry and searching for new pastor. One day I finally decided to go to church after promising God when I finally get transportation ill make more efforts in attending church no matter who the pastor was and uncomfortable I felt going (single mother with kids never a good look when you attend an elder church), I got the children ready one Sunday and we went to church New light had a new pastor , Pastor Vernon Hurte. I loved my pastor at Home Rev. Keith Marshall but I feel at good here at New light. Our Pastor is not only a good preacher he is good Man with a great family. He makes you feel comfortable and welcome at church and when he speaks you know God is speaking through him. If you wanna feel excepted, feel at home, and receive a message just for you by Christ come to the light on the hill.