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    It’s a great joy for me to share you my Testimony. I was born and brought up in a Christian Family through spirit filled parents who are in the Lord.

    My parents said on while they were married they does’t have children up to two and half years and your grand mom always used to mocking me an i was barren women, but i fast and pray with tears up to 7 days as the Lord may provide a son then i have to dedicate him for your ministry and then God opened my womb and i carrying and when the nine and half month came before 10 days you born your father faced of Tractor accident and he fell down under the back wheels and he were dragged some distance and became admitted at local Government Hospital, that day some of the men of God been visited my father and he said the Lord provide a son then i dedicate him for His ministry and then i was born later on a week.

    By the way i was growing and goes to Sunday school, my parents and Sunday school teachers used to taught parables from the word of God. But i am at the age of 9 years old boy, i started to play Soccer and i could’t go to Sunday school at some of the days.

    But my desire is to become a great foot ball player on while i was completed my tenth class study there was state foot ball tournament were conducted in Vijayawada city on the starting of December 25th about morning ten o clock but 8 o clock i went to bath room after i finished it and fallen and the heel of my left leg has slip down and dashed to basin and broken in to the V shape and fallen in it and heel were fractured, so i did’t play this Tournament, then my coach took me to Orthopedic hospital and they said to be operation to my leg, but my father neglected up to seven month and one day he hit me then i got anger and kicked him on his belly by the leg which i injured. Usually my parents say Oh my son you should go away from home, so i decided to put an end to my life so i consumed worms poison.

    By doing so i was engulfed through taken by the Pesticide Drug for death, they admitted me to local hospital, but during the hard times, and all those whom i mocked, believers, pastors, knelt down around my cot and started praying to God with tears were rolling down in their eyes and falling on their cheeks, after some time i awake up and again spoke why did you come to visit me, pastors all are thieves and believers are filled with poison in their hearts.

    In 1989, the month of October my parents said it if you want to serve God then you can be at home otherwise you should leave home, then i left to Calcutta to join in any Soccer club when i play i was injured on my right leg and blood was bleeding out then i heard a voice “I will never leave you nor forsake you then the spirit of God led me, so i packed my sports kit reached to railway station and approached one of my uncle in Railway office, i found there was a Telugu calendar were hanged behind of him which is our mother tongue language the same word what i heard in stadium and i found it’s in the Hebrews 13 : 5 in the calendar “I will never leave you nor forsake you”.

    Later i returned to home and confessed my disobey in front of my parents, church believers and i were baptized on 12th June 1992 according to Lord God almighty said as in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit (Matthew 28 :19). And then my parents arranged a little prayer meeting at my home, when the Prayer meeting was going on one she filled with the Holy spirit and began to speak unknown tongues and prophesied as I formed you in the womb, I knew you before you were born. I sanctified you and ordained you a prophet to the Nations. Thus, says the Lord Almighty God on High.

    So by the calling for His ministry i were brought up to study our mother language Telugu Bible College in Vijayawada, South India and English Bible College in New Delhi, North India. Now the Lord has been using me as His mighty tool for His glorious ministry on different parts in the land of India. It’s my heartily beseeching you to pray for ministry it can be winning many perishing souls.

    Please pray for my Family and Ministry.

    Yours beloved son in God's love and Ministry,

    Pastor: Emmanuel Anumula
    House of Grace,
    Door No. 35-2-7,
    Giripuram, Labbipet Post,
    VIJAYAWADA – 520010
    Andhra Pradesh
    South INDIA.

    My mobile: +91 8790293917