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New Life Center Church

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  • a letter to God, hi its me .just wanted to thank you for the hot meal last night me and my family truely enjoyed it. wanna thank ur followers for their kindness when i was lost , i didnt know anyone there ....but a lady saw that i was lost and came to help . she said to me all we have left is turkey and stuffing..... i told her " thats fine that will work" she made me 3 meals and didnt ask any (?)s ty just wanted to let you know she was a true angle. ty ........i hope and pray that everyone has an awesome thanksgiving . ......plz pray for my family that we make it thur r hard times and that we all can get closer too you God...amen...

  • I've been at New Life for 30 years, and I am so happy! Even after this long, It never gets stale to me. Pastors Craig, Art and Kait are great and inspiring leaders. We are so blessed! Please come and join us as we lift up the name of Jesus!