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Needville Community Church

What people say about Needville Community Church

  • Our family has been attending NCC for 3/12 years. My husband was raised Catholic and I was a member of a Houston Methodist congregation. When a friend invited us to NCC we weren't looking for a certain religious denomination - we were just looking for the "right" Church for us. We found it at NCC. Pastor Monty and the congregation were so warm and welcoming at our very first visit. The fact they provide a free and delicious home cooked breakfast every Sunday was an added bonus. Each Sunday as I enter Church there is a peace that surrounds me and the philosophy at NCC (outreach to others) is what we believe in and what we want our teenage daughter to learn. She looks forward to attending the teenage youth group each Sunday night and worshiping with her peers. Pastor Heather presents messages that deal with the struggles teens experience daily. In addition, she also plans fun Christian activities/outings such as summer camp and concerts. NCC is like a family which is important to us because most of our extended family is out of state. It is a blessing to have a Church family to help you rejoice in and deal with the daily ups and downs of life.

  • NCC was the place I decided to call home after moving back from Florida 1 1/2 yrs ago. The presence of God moved in such a serene and precious way during the praise and worship, which only confirmed that God was calling me to this church.
    They offered childcare for my little one and classes for my school age children which allowed me to concentrate on the Word with no distractions.
    I would encourage anyone who doesnt already have a church family to visit NCC. The people are friendly and its easy to feel at home. I like to dress up for church, so I do, even though the majority dress casual. However, I dont feel out of place because everyone is different but accepted. The congregation is multi-racial, all with different backgrounds and different customs, but we are all there for the same praise and worship our Living God!
    *I also like the fact that I have the option to praise in Spanish too! I go to both the English service in the morning, and the Spanish service at night! - That completed me! :)