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Mount Vernon Foursquare Fellowship

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  • Hi I’m writing this from my home in Charlotte NC I used to be foursquare back in the 80s and my church was Community Foursquare with Reverend M. E. Clark. The reason I’m writing is because I can’t find a foursquare church here in my area and I was wondering if you all could help me. I miss my church and I’ve been going to a Baptist church but I miss the fellowship, the dancing for the Lord, and the stories of Mrs. Aimee McPherson ( I hope I got it right) who was a very strong woman of God. If you can help me in this quest I would be grateful, my email is [email protected] thank you in advance be blessed today Jonas Zimmerman

  • What People are Saying about Mount Vernon Foursquare:

    “We’ve got a really great thing here. People in the DC area need what we’re offering.”

    “I finally feel like I belong. There’s a place for me here.”

    “Home. The perfect community. A safe place.”

    “Authentic people, genuine love”

    “Followers of Jesus who are equipped by the Word, empowered by the Spirit, and doing His work.”

    “Discipleship, discipleship, discipleship”