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  • Mark  Myers

    Mark Myers

    I was called to the ministry in march of 1986, and after talking with my pastor he didn't think I was ministry material, so I let it go but God didn't let go of me. He had a plan and purpose for me, God was working in me and around me and I didn't even know it. He was bringing me to a place where he could use me. I got mad at church or better said church people and I stayed out of the church for ten years, all that time God was working. Through a strange set of circumstances I ended up at a new church and heard a message about God's plan for my life. That call to ministry I had in 1986 began to resurrect itself. God's voice became clear to my heart as well as my ear. I talked with my new pastor and he got me connected with the North Carolina District School of Ministry and about four years later I received my ordination from General council of the Assembly of God. That was a very cool day, I never thought God could use a guy like me for this kind of job. I love being a Pastor, but my greatest joy is being a dad. I have three kids and have been married to my child hood sweet heart for 33years. One thing I have discovered about God is that he has a weird sense of humor and God can use anybody that is willing to risk it all for his glory. God gave me a vision for reaching people in the marketplace, so next thing I know we are buying a strip mall. So, now we are in Hickory, North Carolina specifically the Mount View area. I am married to Wendy and we have three kids two adults Amber, Jamey, and one still at home Anna. And we are ministering to whoever is in the marketplace.