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  • I attended this church a few times but I needed to stop because again I heard a man claiming to be Christian denouncing his fellow children of God. On the church's website it claims that at this church the mission is--- “It’s all about the CONNECT—with God, with people, with purpose” is their heart. They are passionate about helping individuals and families connect with God. They love to invest themselves into building strong leaders who grow up into their God-designed purpose." This is not the case, though. I almost had to leave in the middle of Pastor Bob Novack's sermon when I heard him say and I quote, "Now, I am a Christian so I believe that being gay is wrong!" "I believe that being transgender is wrong!" He used his position as a pastor to promote hate and dissension among the members that day. I just imagined that there may have been mothers in that church on that very day that were upset with finding out their child was gay but were accepting it knowing that that is what truly is in Jesus' teachings! I hoped that this pastor's hateful rhetoric would not dissuade her from fully and openly loving her child. In addition to this point, I looked profusely to find where in the bible it mentioned that being transgender is wrong. Guess what, I could not find it, not once because it does not exist! Same with being gay. But what I did find in the bible is many stories of Jesus reaching out and extending his love to all. The last point I will make is that this was spoken during a pandemic, a period of racial unrest, and surely political divisiveness. This time more than ever should be a time when people focus on growing together and finding commonalities. So I implore Pastor Bob Novack to reread his church's mission statement over and over and begin to live it.