Knox Presbyterian Church Staff & Leaders

  • Clinton & Deb Roberts

    The Reverend Clinton Roberts Clint grew up in the East, graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in English in 1977. He received a fellowship in History from Tulane University and completed coursework for a Master of Arts in 1981. In 1982 he entered McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago where he met Deb and completed a Master of Divinity in 1985. Deb and Clint served as Co-Pastors in Marion, Kansas before Clint became Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Crown Point, Indiana in 1990. Clint and Deb have served as Knox's Co-Pastors since 1999. The Reverend Deborah Roberts Deb grew up in the West, graduating from Johnston College at the University of Redlands with a degree in Community Development in 1975. She entered McCormick Theological Seminary in 1979 and received her Master of Divinity in 1982.