JFK Airport (Our Lady of the Skies) in Jamaica,NY 11430

JFK Airport (Our Lady of the Skies)

What people say about JFK Airport (Our Lady of the Skies)

  • I loved the beautiful church I went to with my family as a child and when I worked for TWA one summer. I hate that the church was demolished and replaced by an airport shopping area, that the church today is just a cubby hole located near the shops. What happened to the stained glass windows and original statues? Were they demolished too to make way for shops? The original concept of three different American chapels of Canon Law faiths existing together in one spot as a welcome to travelers was brilliant, peaceful, lovely.

  • My father worked at Kennedy airport in security during the 1960s and 1970s, and he frequently took my brother Timmy and I to mass at the airport for a Sunday mass when he had to go to his office to file reports. We loved going to mass there. It was very peaceful and the beautiful sunlight streamed through the windows, it was very spiritual. My brother Timmy served as alter boy. I cannot remember the priest’s name, but he was a wonderful person, a leader we respected completely. Very lovely memories of growing up Catholic on Long Island and attending mass sometimes at the airport with my dad at the Catholic Church there.