Hoopers Creek Baptist Church in Fletcher,NC 28732

Hoopers Creek Baptist Church

What people say about Hoopers Creek Baptist Church

  • Are you looking to get held against your will or illegally searched? Come on down to Hooper's Creek Baptist Church. These people are insane. Below is a little summed up story of how I felt like I was going to die at this church that I visited on a whim.

    Let me explain. My friend is a Lutheran, and I'm agnostic. My friend has wanted to know what baptist service was like for quite sometime. On the way home (It was a Thursday) we saw the Hooper's Creek Baptist Church had a lot of cars outside. We figured hey! what not check it out? But that was a MISTAKE!

    We entered the front door and saw that they were doing play practice. We figured "lets not bother them". So as we're leaving going down the steps, the whole congregation pours out the front door of the building. Scared for our LIVES, I said, lets not go around to the car, they will attack us or something...they looked CRAZY.

    We walked down the road a bit, and more people just kept coming out the building. Pretty soon it was clear we had to go back for our car now. As we're going back the whole church surrounds us and starts YELLING at us. "Ya'll boys got any weapons on yous??" one man shouts.

    They wouldn't let us say anything and just kept shouting and they searched us and took our wallets and our IDs. I tell the man "this is ridicules" to which one of the younger men 'lee' says "HEY YOU RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!" At this point we think its clear. These people are going to kill us. But then...out of no where this guy comes out and says "...whata ya'll boys know about jesus?" My heart sank.

    I was 100% sure these people were going to kill us. I start to stutter. "he...he was a guy...?" I say confused and scared. "that's it?" the man said. my friend starts telling them about jesus birth to death pretty much summing up the entire bible in 5 seconds.

    They tell us "you boys are gonna come in and we're gonna pray for you" he said without giving us a choice. They force us down in front of the alter and everyone puts their hands all over us and they began to pray...and cry and pray....and cry more... IT WAS WEIRD for a non christian to go through this crap. WE WERE TERRIFIED.

    Anyway, they showed us some of their awful play by force and then cry prayed on us for another 10 or 15 minutes. The crap was weird. Eventually they let us go and explained that they have been having break ins. So wait...let me get this straight. Someone visits your church when there is like 30 cars outside? And you assume they are ROBBERS?are you kidding me?

    Funny thing is. I did a review similar to this on facebook and they deleted their facebook page. I guess you can't delete this one. People need to be warned about this sort of thing. Did I mention you guys are C-R-A-Z-Y CRAZY?