Holy Spirit Parish of Gardner in Gardner,MA 800

Holy Spirit Parish of Gardner

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  • I can tell you what I am not happy about this church. I was a practicing catholic for many years. Spent 11 years as a alter boy at Sacred Heart Church in
    Gardner and my heart still aches that the Diocese decided to close her down. My parents are still faithful church goers and they are there every Sunday sitting in the same pew that they do every Sunday. This past Sunday 05/30/21 my parents witnessed the segregation of the congregation. This one person who is supposed to be some aid to the church, which now in my eyes he is a risk to the church, took it upon himself to move parishioners from one side of the church to the other determining if they had a mask or not. The phony useless mask mandate that did nothing but divide the people and scare the elderly was lifted on the 29th. This guy took people from their weekly seat and made them sit on whatever side was deemed masked or not masked, vaccinated or not vaccinated which is total crap. The Catholic church preaches having faith in God and then you have this clown being a complete germaphobe. My mom is so pissed that she refuses to go to church and that is unheard of . With your numbers down you should probably be trying to bring people in and not push them out. I don't understand what is going on with the Catholic religion but for what I have seen lately I don't believe you believe in what you are preaching. I watched a catholic priest administer the last rights to my wife's Aunt and he wouldn't even enter the hospital room because of his fear of Covid19. Being a man of the cloth you would think that God Almighty would be protecting him! Where is the faith. I am so disgusted I don't even know what to think anymore. How a over exaggerated political virus just infiltrated a place of worship so bothers me.