Hoboken Grace Community Church in Hoboken,NJ 07030

Hoboken Grace Community Church

What people say about Hoboken Grace Community Church

  • I moved to Hoboken in 2008 just after graduating from college. One of my first priorities was to find a solid church with a diverse group of people. I wanted to find people I could relate to as a professional who also works in the city and have a similar lifestyle. I was also looking for a community of people who could challenge me.

    I was able to find some great churches in the city but the issue i was finding was that the travel required made it difficult for me to make it consistently on Sunday. I then changed my search to Hoboken and stumbled upon Hoboken Grace in fact at the time it was called The Church @ Hoboken. I feel in love with the church. The people were great and honest. I love the heart the church has for the community. They are very big on getting out of the church and doing things for the community rather than just doing events to please their members.

    I found it very easy to be lead by the music they worshiped to and Pastor Chris High's message were always relevant to my life and timely.