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Hillsong NYC

What people say about Hillsong NYC

  • JasonB - the music at Hillsong is out of this world. Ha. No hard feelings tho. Hope you found a great church. I know when I am in NYC (about twice a month), I go hear the awesome Pastor Lentz speak and worship at HIllsong.

  • I went to Hillsong's latest service, which is definitely the most popular. The music was what you would expect: absolutely amazing. However, I was a little underwhelmed by the sermon. I felt like without the impassioned delivery, the content wouldn't be very substantial; however, my friend was deeply impacted by it because it directly addressed the season she was in with the Lord. God speaks to us all at different times in different ways, and I guess this church just wasn't the place for me. But if they ever do a worship event in the city, I'll be there in a heartbeat! They're doing great things in the city. I would recommend that anyone, regardless of whether you have a home church or not, should go at least once.