Harvest Church in Glendale,AZ 85305

Harvest Church

What people say about Harvest Church

  • If you’re looking for a place that puts the Lord above all else then keep on looking.

  • Pastor Ron Rockwell is not only CEO of this church , he is assistant superintendant of the ASSEMBLY OF GOD in AZ. He follows Rick Warren ( encounter groups) and allows night club line dancing twice a month while the ladies play HYMNS … in the background , his wife did this very act several months ago at the church. Of course Ron told the church is was a exercise class , S U R E … R on we believe you a ha . Why did you allow a secular charter school on church grounds and tell people they must sterilize the building for the school week. NO Christian literature, NO BIBLES, NO CROSS OF CHRIST !
    All while your behind a ASSEMBLY OF GOD pulpit..... you preach a false gospel RON... You allow a charter school on church grounds bought and paid for by Christian saints of God, a secular charter school that embodies hatred for Gods word and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. FOR WHAT.... MONEY!!!!! THREE MILLION DOLLARS !!!! YOU SOLD OUT, RIPPED the hearts out of God fearing saints, ruined lives?.... FOR MONEY ? RON THE TRUE JESUS AND HIS GOSPLE IS NOT FOR SELL! This is what happens when you allow HILLSONG and JESUS CULTURE music in your secular church that has sold out for money. I know you are PART OF RICH WARREN PURPOSE DRIVE LIFE, and it cannot save you or redeem your soul.... REPENT ….. OR LEAVE THE CHURCH, WE DESIRE TRUTH , not your social humanistic gospel.