Gospel Life Church (NC) Staff & Leaders

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    Josh Kappes
    Lead Pastor

    I am a follower of Jesus Christ…a glorious mess. I am a mess because I am not yet who God has made me to be. I still have times when I choose to love self more than I love Him. I am glorious because in Jesus Christ I am right with God. I am His son and I exist to know and enjoy Him forever. I have been married for almost 13 years to an amazing woman named Jenna. She is a picture of God’s beauty, grace, strength, and forgiveness. I could not imagine doing this life without her. She truly is my helper and best friend. We have two amazing children. They are both very different and we have great hopes for them. Katelyn is 12. She is my warrior princess. If you have seen Bridge to Terabithia, picture the little blonde haired girl and you have a good idea of what Katelyn is like. She loves the outdoors. She loves to dress her own way. She loves people and animals. She brings joy to our home. Our prayer for her is that she never becomes religious. We want her to love Jesus and learn to walk with God. We have no doubt that she will influence many people, she already has. Samuel is special because he came after we had three miscarriages. He is a nut! He loves to dance and play drums and guitar. He has a crazy smile that lights up the whole room. He screams like no child should ever scream and he needs to stop that soon. We pray Psalm 1 for his life that he would love God’s word, not walk with those who do not love God, and be like a tree planted by streams of living water. We are embarking on a journey God called us to several years ago. God has called us to plant a church and live by faith. This burden in my heart keeps growing. I want to see people break free from religion and a small self-centered gospel and find true LIFE that Jesus came to give us.