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liturgical; confessional; sacramental Hoopeston, IL
Good Shepherd

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In Luke 24:47 Jesus Christ taught His disciples that the church should proclaim repentance and forgiveness of sins in the name of Christ. We take these words very seriously. We may not be very entertaining, but you will hear about repentance and the forgiveness of sins in the name of Christ at every service.

If you are looking for entertainment, you should probably go somewhere else, but if you want to hear about Christ crucified for the forgiveness of your sins, then Good Shepherd is the place for you.

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Traditional Liturgy

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302 N. Market St.
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What are services like?
Those who are familiar with Lutheran Service Book will recognize everything we do in the service. If you are not familiar with Lutheran Service Book, please know that about 75 % of our service is simply God's Word from the Bible spoken back to Him. The remainder of our service consists of traditional words that have been tested against the Bible for centuries and found to be consistent with the teachings of Holy Scripture. Our oldest hymns are translations of music song in the third and fourth century. Our newest hymns were written in the 21st century. We accompany our singing with an electronic instrument that can imitate any instrument in the orchestra as well as the pipe organ.

What is the community like?
We are a small re-building congregation in a community that has endured some hard times. We have retirees as well as parents with small children. Clothing style could best be described as varied from "office casual" to the more traditional suit and tie. Just as society at large has many different kinds of people, our congregations is the same way. Our members have a wide range of personalities. Sometimes our shyer members may seem a little withdrawn. They're not. They're just shy. Other members are more outgoing and will help you feel at home.

What if I'm not a Christian?
If you are truly interested in knowing about our congregation and what we believe, our pastor will be very happy to instruct you in the teachings of our church. Our services are public events. We welcome all people to observe and listen to them. Some of our activities are spiritually powerful. All powerful things can be dangerous when used without training. We love all people who come to our services and do not want to endanger them. For that reason, we restrict a few of our practices to those who have received the training to participate in them safely. We encourage you to observe these activities and let those who have been trained actually participate in them.

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James Batchelor

James Batchelor

Husband to Lynn and father to three children. Pastor Batchelor spent the first twenty-eight years of his professional career as an electrical engineer. He attended Concordia Thrological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN from 2002-2005. He was ordained and installed as the pastor of Good Shepherd in July of 2005 and has been the pastor here ever since.

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