Glory To The Nations in Marlton,NJ 08053-7055

Glory To The Nations

What people say about Glory To The Nations

  • This fellowship is awesome! I have never been to a church where the pastor brings the scripture to light in such a simple manner yet makes a very deep personal impact. The only downside is you really have to be in a place where you are seriously ready for a change. When you begin to accept the truth and agree with it, then and only then will your life begin to change. The people are very welcoming. Also the pastor is not about numbers his true desire is to see you healed delivered and set free.

  • My parents are the ones who talked me into coming to this church. My dad was invited by a friend and member of the community to play for the Glory To The Nations softball team. I am happy they got me to go. When I walked through the doors I could feel the presence of God in this small, refurbished barn. I haven't looked back yet and I don't plan on it. The pastors and the people just make you feel so welcome and happy. You can see that God is using this church for great things. I would recommend Glory To The Nations for everyone.