Glendale United Methodist Church - Nashville in Nashville,TN 37204

Glendale United Methodist Church - Nashville

What people say about Glendale United Methodist Church - Nashville

  • Within the first few minutes of our first worship service at Glendale UMC, we knew we’d found, not just a church, but a community full of love. From the welcome message of inclusion, we knew we’d found a home and a place for our daughter to learn about and love Christ.

  • I started coming to Glendale after my friend brought me there one Sunday. I felt the immediate presence of love and acceptance and ever since then Glendale has become like home. The people of Glendale UMC are a daily reminder to me that there is good in the world. I have never been excited to go to church before but now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • I first came to Glendale nearly 3 years ago after looking for a church to call home. I walked in and I immediately felt loved, accepted & I felt the presence of God. Glendale has given me a wonderful community & a stronger relationship with myself & with God.

  • I was seeking a place where I could feel authentically welcomed just as I am, a place where I could feel God’s peace and comfort, a place to refuel each week without pressure or intimidation. What I found was so much more! I have never attended a church where God’s love is more palpable. What a blessing.

  • Our family came across Glendale while searching for a church that is welcoming to everyone. We planned on attending our first service with every intention of visiting another church the following weekend. But, from the moment we walked through Glendale’s front doors, we knew we were home.

  • Born, confirmed, raised, and life-long member of the United Methodist church, I have been searching for a number of years to find a church home that made sense to me. It was only recently that I decided to move my membership from my home church in Jackson, TN that I left in 2004 to move elsewhere that I decided to join Glendale UMC.

    Glendale is not just another church. It is a place where ALL can come together and worship. When I say all - I literally mean all. Many churches, especially in the south, say their doors are open to all, but when they say all do they really mean that? I have not seen that, unfortunately, until I found this.

    What separates Glendale from the rest? Besides an awesome and welcoming congregation that I can connect with, its doors are open to people who love the same and who love differently. AKA LGBTQ friendly, kid friendly, elderly friendly, young adult friendly, everything in between friendly. We all are loved and we love all.

    They offer a service that is both traditional with a hint of contemporary. Every Sunday we have communion that is open to all both members and visiting people who may not be members. We greet each other in the service. We have a beautiful piano (every Sunday) and occasional celloist accompaniment that delights us with their music when singing the traditional hymns.

    We have Sunday school classes at 9am and church service is from 10am to around 11am. We do offer childcare during service. Wednesdays, we do have young adult meetings.

    We currently have a growing congregation, and I love that. At the same time, I also love that everyone knows me and I am getting to know them. Our church family is very close, but not closed off to bringing in new faces. They accepted me with open arms and hearts. Never have I felt so passionate about a church than this one. To be honest, it makes me tear up just thinking about it. That is how much love I feel from Glendale.

    I hope as I grow within this church, I will be able to dedicate more to them and become closer to them as time progresses. I am beyond blessed to have found them. Please join us to see what love we can truly bring together as we celebrate God and Christ's love.

  • I grew up in Nashville and have always called Glendale UMC - Nashville home. With that said, there is more new life in this community of faith than I have seen in my 31 years - it is exciting to see so many new people come to find their home here! Glendale is a place for ALL people to come and grow in their faith (and that means bringing their doubts too), loving one another and finding a God who loves them back for all of who they are. Come, experience worship with us - Sundays @ 10am!