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  • Pastor John Kinuthia Muregi
    Life Evangelism Ministry
    P O Box 9479-20112
    Nakuru Kenya East Africa
    Email:[email protected]
    Facebook:John Kinuthia

    Ref:Friends and Brethren lam begging Help,Allow Me To Share With You Something,Help Me To Fundraising Amotor Bike For Evangelism.
    My Dear Friends and Brethren,
    l greet You in The Name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.My Name is Pastor John Kinuthia Muregi born again Christian Married and blessed With Two daughter.Friends and Brethren Help Me To Fundraising Amotor Bike For Evangelism.Brethren i Need 1500:00 dollars Only To buy Amotor Bike For Evangelism,lam Full Time Pastor,l dedicated My Life To The Lord i and my wife Leah we live by faith Trusting God For The Support.l and my wife Leah we go Village to Village To Evangelism we Walk 4 To 6 Kilometres to Evangelism.Friends and Brethren l will Reach Many Soul and bring Them To Our Lord Jesus Christ.Friends you cannot be Happy when you see People are die With Sin,Brethren join me to Evangelism.friends help me to Share Love of our lord Jesus Christ.Brethren help me to win Soul and bring Them to The Kingdom of our lord Jesus Christ.friends Share My desire with your friends and May The Good Lord Bless You.Friends and Brethren lam Praying for you daily.Brethren and Friends if You here Somebody Needly One Kidney,lam Ready To Offer One Of My Kidney for The Seek Of Gosple Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.if One Of My Kidney Can give Me Amotor Bike To Evangelism,i Will be Happy To God My People are die With Sin.if One Of Kidney Can Save a Life Of Somebody,Glory To Our God.My dear friends Help Me To Share This Story To Many Friends,Share With Others Please.

    Kindly looking Forward to reading from you at your earliest Convenience.
    God Bless You
    Pastor John Kinuthia Muregi