Fort Caroline Baptist Church in Jacksonville,FL 32225

Fort Caroline Baptist Church

What people say about Fort Caroline Baptist Church

  • I honestly can not put into words how much this amazing church has impacted my life. When I was in a depressed time of my life, these people that i call my second family were there to lead me to our Father. This body of believers truly have a heart for people. It doesn't matter where you come from or where you've been, this church is there to welcome you home with open arms! The way God has worked through our members is absolutely incredible. This isn't your ordinary Baptist church. There isn't a dress code. And this sounds so cheesy and cliche, but just come as you are! You're still one of God's beloved children no matter what you look like!
    The staff at Fort Caroline..... I could go on and on about them! I can't imagine being under the leadership of any Pastor other than Pastor Ricky. Well, except Jesus of course. But, the leadership of Fort Caroline have a beating heart for God, and it definitely shows. Big time!
    Honestly, I could go on and on for paragraphs talking about my amazing church! All I can tell you is that we..... Love God, Love Others, and we Serve The World (: