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People Helping People, Find & Follow Jesus Virginia Beach, VA
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885 Schumann Drive
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Forefront is People Helping People, Find & Follow Jesus. We truly believe that Everybody’s Welcome, Nobody’s Perfect, and Anything’s Possible. Everything about our services, outreach, next steps, and teaching is driven by that mission. Moving from death to life, seeing people saved by Jesus, helping believers grow as disciples—the Christian life is marked by change. You can join us on Sundays in Virginia Beach, 10am at Ocean Lakes High School as God moves us forward to spread His Kingdom.

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Community Service, Social Justice, Faith and Work, Addiction/Recovery, Children's Ministry, Young Adults, Youth Group, Missions, Nursery






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Jason Bedell

Jason Bedell

As the Lead Pastor of Forefront, Jason is the guy leading the charge. His passion is to reach those who are far from God through speaking, creativity, and doing anything short of sin to impact people’s lives. On Sundays you’ll see him on stage, in videos, and on occasion- chasing his daughters around the lobby (they’re a handful). When you see him, stop and introduce yourself. He is our hometown guy (born and raised here in the 757). Jason and his wife Carrie have been married for over 9 years and have two beautiful girls, Chloe and Roxy.

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  • Local Guide · 38 reviews just now After 5 years, I am done with this church. I have tried being a volunteer in different avenues, going to small group, a women’s group and my children were heavily involved in the youth group for all 5 years. After numerous unpleasant experiences, my family and I had withdrawn completely but I still allowed my children to go to the Youth Group. Two weeks ago, Lacey, the Youth Coordinator, went on stage and said that having anxiety is a sin. Several of the kids expressed disgust and disbelief at her statements but none would accompany my daughter to address it with Lacey who denies what she said. She also refused to address it even as a “Hey, if this is what was perceived or came across that’s not my intention”. Both the pastor, Jason, and Lacey were offended I asked they not sweep this mental health attack under the rug but then all the adults stood by the decision to not address it to the whole group, wanting to only address it on a one by one basis. Except many kids are terrified of speaking up to adults much less ones in the church. My children are heart broken to be removed but any church that will not admit to, address or correct harmful behaviors or even the perception of harmful behaviors cannot be trusted with our youth. Lacey and her family are well positioned into the church and their family very close to the pastors, I believe this has blinded Jason to the toxic behaviors that both Becky Bruner and Lacey have displayed over the years. And there no getting anyone to see it.
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