Fern Creek United Methodist Church Staff & Leaders

  • Timo Karvonen

    Timo Karvonen

    Church is one of those unique places that has a very special meaning to everyone. Some people are active in attending and participating in their churches, some people are not. Why is that? I have always believed that you need to feel that you are something special to your church and church is something special to you, before you can really make a connection. Yes, indeed you need to feel that you are connected with your church. Do you feel that way about yourself or about the church community you are affiliated with? At Fern Creek we believe that a big crowd, lots of programs, or a long historical tradition with huge buildings alone can not make a church for us. A real church is about the people like you and about their Lord Jesus Christ. Church is a family where you can feel warmth and love and where you are appreciated. A church is a place where people know you and support you. Come and feel the warmth of the Fern Creek UMC family. Come and worship with us this Sunday morning at 9 or 11:15. With Love and Respect! Rev. Timo