Faith Wesleyan Church in Little River,SC 29566

Faith Wesleyan Church

What people say about Faith Wesleyan Church

  • I guess you will have to come to Faith Wesleyan Church here in Little River to know that you are welcomed "home" at any time. I know I wanted to find the right church to be at Home with God; among warm and welcoming people, and a church that focuses on praising through song. This is exactly what I found by attending Faith Wesleyan Church. Even though I walked in a few minutes late on my first attending, Pastor Tom welcomed me with a huge smile, and the Faith church family also greeted me and encouraged me to keep coming! It is certainly a wonderful feeling to be with t true believers in Christ and to feel the presence of the Spirit of God at home at this Church. Thank You Pastor Tom and Kim and the others who reached out to me On Main Street and invited me "home" !!!