Faith Fellowship Staff & Leaders

  • Daymond Talkington

    I first started into full-time ministry when I was twenty. God placed on my heart a dream of a church that would leverage its talents and resources to reach people for Jesus Christ, a church that would speak to culture in a way that would allow people to connect. I figured out early on that my friends who were far from God, and there were a lot of them, absolutely weren’t connecting with the church. I could connect with them, but when I’d bring them to church, I realized everything was geared for those who already believe…. In fact, you had to have a faith base to even understand most of what was going on. I remember praying in those early years, “God if you want me to, I’ll start a church that will do things differently. I’d love to lead a church that strips it all down and meets people where they are. Because if a church were to do that, it could reach and change lives and mark eternity. So God I’m ready to lead that church when you say ‘go,’” For the next twenty-two years God strengthened my leadership and speaking skills and then started pressing me. It was a season of turbulence and disillusionment when the Holy Spirit began ministering and reminding me of the dream that had faded to a degree. Then God said, “Now lead the church that you promised me you’d lead,” and Faith Fellowship was born and the rest is history.