Ephesian Missionary Baptist Church (Ephesian Oakland) in Oakland,CA 94608-4119

Ephesian Missionary Baptist Church (Ephesian Oakland)

What people say about Ephesian Missionary Baptist Church (Ephesian Oakland)

  • Ephesians Missionary Baptist Church is the greatest!!!! I have been a member of this church since Dr. Michael Pasley. has been leading this ministry, and I enjoy each and every Sunday I attend. His sermons, or teachings, are awesome, and so educational. He breaks down the scriptures, so any person can understand, relate, and apply them to their own lives. The choir is the best in the Bay Area, and believe me, they minister a powerful message through song. Our members are so polite, nice, and encouraging that when you are not present in church, you are missed, and someone will be calling you to see if you are in need of anything. It's my extended family, away from home and I love each and every one of them and am so proud to be associated with this church, and appreciate the spiritual journey that Dr. Michael Pasley, my Pastor is leading me on. Praise God for him!