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  • i love waking up to praising Jesus separate in June 2016 and my son had become suicidal doctors told me that he was bipolar schizophrenic. but last year you had a program were we could call in and talk to you you did talk to me and you ask me if I was a christian I said yes you yell at me and said sham on you well i was upset but I keep praying and listening to your program. but when you change the program to your morning members well I was upset. but long story I count not stop listening I became a member and been giving to your Ministry over a month. I don't know if God will get me and my husband together and i know that what is impossible to is possible with God.
    But I pray every day with the group prayers for my family. The Lord was good to me but i took advantage of Gods provisions so I thank you because God is teaching me how to be a servant again been praying for my in laws i mean laying hands on them and praying. my so call bipolar son been praying for him and yesterday for the first time since his father left in 2016 wanted me to pray for him and to pray for his fathers salvation I thank God that even though you were harsh with me and i was embarrass God use that moment to lift me up. i know that if God is with me who can be against me Hallelujah I still praying for family members and my business that my husband and i stared and I had to take a break from due to my son and separating of the marriage but I am no longer afraid and praising God and singing NO Longer Slave my God richly bless you
    your sister in Christ
    Selia Yrlas Hernandez