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Christian Life Church

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  • We like to go to church tomorrow

  • Pastor Bob and his wife and Ellie Barens and Bob Barens and the rest of the people at the church.

  • it is awesome works there i view it through website.but i am not attend there and also i am very far from india to you .if Gods will chance me i will meet soon there. pray for india churches

    Pastoral Support
    We are working with 30 pastors in some of the most interior places and villages. Every month as senior pastor I am teaching .conducting some Training class in theology and to develop their interpersonal skills how to take Good news effectively to people .all of these pastors are not trained in theological institutes because they are not economically enough sound . With some resources what I am having with me, giving and supporting with some financial help on alternate months. We are planning to add more pastors to this mission and to support them on regular basis .so please pray and support to take this work to level another. Galatians 6:6. Hebrew 13:17