Calvary Lakeway Staff & Leaders

  • Steve Gillespie

    A Note from Pastor Steve; When you have your whole plan for your life stripped away and you're faced with decisions of which you have never encountered before, what do you do? Where do you go? This is where I found myself in 2000. I knew God, but I had no relationship with Him. I was living for me, within the plans made by me. And everything came crashing down. In January 2000, you could not have told me (or anyone that knew me) that I would be married to a Wonderful Christian woman and that I would have four great kids (2 of which I got to baptize myself). You could not have told me that I would teach the word of God to sinners like me, or that I would be planting a Church in Tennessee. You could not have told me that I would be anything more than the wretch that I was. However; in comes God! The One that is able to take your Mess and turn it into a Message. The One that is able to turn your death into life. The One that cared enough to take a sinful man, change him, and use him. God wanted a relationship with me and he proved it, because while I was still sinning, Christ had already died for me. God changed my life and my plans, and he cares the same about you. There is no sin too great and no life too small to exhaust God's Grace! He wants a relationship with you and we want to be here to introduce you to Him! Pastor Steve, I Corinthians 9:19 "People don't care what you know; until they know that you care"