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  • I am trying to find an email contact to your congregation: I pray this gets to you.
    Good Afternoon Calvary Baptist Church on 26th St, in Yuma,
    My name is Bre Goss and I attend Church for the City in Yuma, AZ. I am a member of “Wonderfully Made”.
    We are a ministry team that supports women and men making a pregnancy decision. We also help single moms who have chosen “life”. We are hoping to connect with other churches in Yuma who support the sanctity of life.
    Does your church have a prolife ministry? Is there someone who works with men or women facing these issues? We would love their contact information so we can connect with them on what they are doing and see how we may work together in a greater way for the sake of Yuma. If you do not have anyone doing this kind of ministry, who might we talk to who may be interested in joining our “Wonderfully Made” program or starting a program in your church? The program we have is free and we would love to set up an appointment to share it further with whomever is interested.
    Please give me their information and we will have one of our ministry leads contact them as soon as possible. It is our prayer to have a night of life event in the near future and we would love to have you all be a part of it.
    We would love to see Yuma become a Sanctuary City for Life and appreciate all of your prayers and help in getting there.

    Thanks so much,
    Bre Goss