Bible Pentecostal Church in Nampa,ID 83651

Bible Pentecostal Church

What people say about Bible Pentecostal Church

  • I love the hospitality of the flock they are so kind and open to what the lord has instep for them and me but thru the holyspirit hasinstore for us all with me walking in dirty scrub to show the love from above to overcome fears and find my straeigngth in faith like pastor Bray and submission to the Holy Spirit like his whole flock have on a regular u can see and hear eveything the lord speaks to them through some but all have the gift of the holy spirit

  • I love how whole pastor bray is so confident in his faith walk with the lord and that he is strictly Bible based and factual where people can respect his word at all times and just the connection I already am in baby steps understanding of how I wanna be just as confident with my walk ibelive he will be a great mentor for me to learn Bible base reading and writings may I learn as come closer to him thru pastor bray and his close walk with thee thank u