All Saints Anglican Church of San Antonio in San Antonio,TX 78213-4905

All Saints Anglican Church of San Antonio

What people say about All Saints Anglican Church of San Antonio

  • All Saints is family, plain and simple. And it's the Church, without the reinvention. I promise you honest Gospel, ancient, faithful liturgy, and strong classical music in our formal worship. When we do contemporary, it's very lively, freewheeling and expressive. Both are submerged in the active, personal Holy Ghost and completely reliable. We won't compromise our Gospel, our stands, our Faith or our commitment to our Lord and His people. Count on All Saints!

    CB "Chip" Harper+

  • My husband and I have belonged to this church for almost two years now. Finding this church was the best thing that ever happened to us! Coming to All Saints, one immediately feels like family -- at home. Our parishioners are the friendliest, kindest, dedicated Christians we have ever met. For a relatively small church, we are blessed with a world-class organist and wonderful choir, and our services have that extra-special dimension that only music can bring.
    Please come and meet us, and see what you think. You will love this church!