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  • I lived in the house connected to the church, from the time I was about 8 or 9 years old till I was 19 years old. My mother Louise Graham was the church secretary and my stepfather Ken took care of the church as far as maintenance. I have 1 sister ( Donna and 1 brother Jonathan ) I am now 48 years old, married and have a 20 year old son. I'm not sure if the message above from Kathleen is the Kathleen who had a daughter named Doreen, whom I was close to. It would be very interesting to reconnect - If anyone is interested in emailing me to reconnect my email is below.

    [email protected]

  • i was bapitzed as a baby on june 24,1956 the minster was pastor crossman went to sunday school at age of 2

  • Just a reminder to all-this website does not notify the church when someone visits or leaves a message. If you would like to speak to someone, please do not hesitate to call the church directly and leave a message. Someone will always get back to you.

  • My family joined Advent Gravesend Lutheran Church, back in the early 80's, Pastor William(Bill) Paulson, was the minister then. My kid's and he had a great bond. When he wanted to see a children's movie, he always took my kid's, that was his excuse, but I think it was for my kid's benefits, because he knew that we were having hard times. He also took care of my mother in supporting her spirituality and emotionally.
    Every one there was a blessing to us. Now my mom is in a better place with our Lord. My kid's are grown and have kid's of their own. I would love to reconnect with the people who loved us. And would like to know how to get in touch with Pastor Bill.
    Appreciate any help and advice.

  • My family and I joined Advent Lutheran Church just a short time before it federated with Gravesend Reformed Church. We were told that our congregation would fold in under two years. Thanks to a lot of hard work and dedication from our long time Pastor (now Pastor Emeritus) William Paulsen, as well as our small, but amazing congregation, we are still here more than thirty years later! We have recently been blessed with a new Pastor, Rev. Calvin Spann, who is helping to lead us in to the future! We are very excited about what GOD has in store for us. It has been a great privilege, not only to grow up in this congregation myself, but to be able to raise my own children here!