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  • Isaiah 41:10
    Does your church or any church that you know of do find raises or put out there to help a severely severely abused beyond the wildest scope of the imagination young lady who yet struggles and strives to be a functioning contributing member of society, a vet who was in active action...oh, we can't say enough about her without sobbing ourselves... any possible help in any possible way would be so appreciated!! She is struggling so badly herself, yet does the laundry for the homeless where other laundromats don't even allow them on the premises in the best of times! 🥺

    Hey Friends and Family,

    I find it difficult to ask for help even when I need it, however, I need help. My business is struggling to the point that it may fail.

    I had the unfortunate timing of starting my laundromat on Feb 1, 2020, just prior to the COVID-19 crisis. While I have been fortunate enough to be deemed an essential business, because of the risk of exposing ourselves, family, and community to the virus, I have implemented extensive protocols to keep the facility and equipment sanitized and as safe as possible.

    In order to limit the exposure between customers, I have gone to a no-contact laundry service setup. Basically, Customers drop off their laundry in a drop box outside the door, leave their contact info, then we bring it in wearing gloves and masks and do the laundry. Every load is sanitized with bleach and water over 140 degrees, or with spic n span disinfectant. Gloves are changed between customer laundry, baskets, machines, floors, counters, etc are sanitized, and no customer laundry comes in contact with another. I am doing this all without increasing costs to customers.

    With this protocol, we have and hope to continue to provide safe laundry services to anyone in our community that needs it. I am proud to say that we have not had anyone associated with Squid's Laundromat contract covid-19. We also have not turned anyone away regardless of their ability to pay or the amount of laundry they need to have done. I am, however, humbled to say that this has put an unsustainable strain on manpower, and financial resources and therefore my ability to keep the doors open.

    I have explored every avenue that I can find and as of yet haven't been able to qualify for any federal or local financial help.

    I am desperate for monetary donations as well as detergent, drier sheets, bleach, cleaning spray, spic n span or equivalent disinfectant, gloves, trash bags, glass cleaner, hangers, etc.

    Physical items can be dropped off at Squid's Laundromat, LLC. 540 N Jefferson Ave, Loveland CO 80537

    Monetary donations can be sent via this Paypal link https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=PS5N8CPR2Y44G

    And Vouchers for services to the less fortunate in our community can be purchased here https://www.squidslaundromat.com/collections/all

    I have made this post public so if you are moved to do so, you can share. Please remember to check the box to include the original post.

    Thank you with all of my heart,

    Tiffany (The Squid's Laundromat)
    540 N Jefferson Ave
    Loveland, CO 80537