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The HHS mandate: Is violating your faith the cost of doing business?

Your faith can cost you a lot. Under the healthcare law, will it cost you your business?

Thomas Jefferson for today: Why religious liberty is a 21st century cause

In the tumultuous period ahead, we should remember that our Founders had it right: religion is a matter of choice, not coercion.

If Christians can build statues, so can Satanists

While the Founding Fathers mostly saw religion as positive for society, they also believed that government should not play favorites among the faiths.

The (Almost) New OnFaith

OnFaith is on the move. Find out what’s new and what’s coming soon.

The Broken Christianity of “12 Years a Slave”

Religion ought to connect us. The root of the word is ligare. It is the same root as the word ligature, … Continued

On ‘Thanksgivukkah,’ give thanks for religious freedom

Both Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are rooted in stories about the struggle for religious freedom.

How JFK’s religion changed American public life

President Kennedy shattered the stained-glass ceiling that kept non-Protestants from the highest political office in the land.

In Turkey, can Islam and democracy coexist?

The complexities of Islam in the modern world cannot be regulated by Western-style democracy or military intervention.

In Turkey, religious minorities still struggle for equality

Turkey treats members of religious minority communities – including Alevi Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, Syriacs, Jews and Orthodox Christians – as second-class citizens.

Papua New Guinea
God in Papua New Guinea

Widespread support exists for making Papua New Guinea officially a Christian nation, possibly banning non-Christian religions. We have ample evidence that theocracies don’t work.