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Can’t Pray? Try Metta Instead

A humanist how-to guide to the loving-kindness meditation known as metta.

Pairing Pilates and Prayer

Two pilate instructors launch SoulCore, a “Mary-led and Holy Spirit-led” workout with the prayers of the Catholic Rosary.

Electrified fence
Arguing with God at Auschwitz

How do you praise a God who allowed–and may again allow–so much human suffering?

Fans rely on God, rituals to boost favorite team

A new survey by the Public Religion Research Institute shows the true character of Americans’ “faith” in their teams.

Advent a time to hope–and fast–for immigration reform

The Fast for Families is replicating the great public fasts in history for immigration reform in the hope of the Advent season.

Prayer case at the Supreme Court: Debunking some myths

Two women filed suit against the town board of Greece, N.Y. for beginning monthly business meetings with Christian prayer.

The power of positive praying–even for atheists

I think that prayer, at its best, serves as a placebo. People may improve because their expectation to do so is strong.

How to become a saint

When he canonizes John XXIII and John Paul II, Pope Francis affirms with the highest authority that these two servants are enjoying life with God in heaven.

Is it okay to pray–if you’re an atheist?

A number of atheists “hunger for a transcendent experience” despite their disbelief.

Obama on the National Day of Prayer: ‘Let us be humble in our convictions’

The National Day of Prayer remains both a point of national pride and contention.