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This Is Your Brain on God

Five things to know about the biological basis of spirituality.

Politicians Are People, Too

This election season, don’t forget to pray for our leaders — not as politicians, but as people.

Thanks, Gospel Coalition, for the Prayer Pushback

After a writer for the popular conservative Christian website called out my critique of evangelical prayer, I had some re-thinking to do.

Cradled by Prayer

If we will let it, prayer can carry us.

Losing God and Discovering Prayer

Whether invoking one god, many gods, or no god, prayer is about silencing the chatter and finding truth.

Prayer That Can Sustain the Busy Life

What a nineteenth-century devotional by an obscure British writer can teach about the practicality of prayer.

This Weekend, it’s All About the Goats

Three religions. Three holidays. Three common denominators: Goats, sacrifice, and prayer.

Praying A Sermon Into Existence

I’m coming to see prayer as the archaeological dig that precedes any great discovery.

What Do Americans Pray For?

Most people are either praying for themselves, a favorite sports team, or the winning lottery ticket.

How to Pray for Divine Guidance Without Religion

An atheist finds wisdom in prayer, even if it is a practice often undergirded by indefensible beliefs.