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The HHS mandate: Is violating your faith the cost of doing business?

Your faith can cost you a lot. Under the healthcare law, will it cost you your business?

obama lies
Disputes over birth control fuel Obamacare fight

The fight over contraception in Obamacare remains a fight over when life begins.

Obama, Beck: Who is Christian? Who decides?

The answer may lie in how “Christian” is defined and whether the Mormon church, to which Beck belongs, considers Protestants to be Christians.

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Laughter, the Best Islamic Medicine

Election-related turmoil in the Islamic Republic of Iran

OnFaith obama is a muslim
Onward Secular Peacemakers

Thoughts and expectations concerning Obama’s “major speech to the Muslim world”

National Day of Non-Prayer?

Imagine this hypothetical companion headline: “President Obama will also sign a proclamation Friday recognizing National Day of Non-Prayer.”