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How Lent Can Help You Reconcile Faith and Doubt

Lent doesn’t answer all of our questions, but may reveal why we find value in spirituality in the first place.

Stop Guessing at God’s Will — Just Go

A Q&A with pastor John Ortberg on God’s will, Dr. Seuss, and walking through open doors.

5 Reasons Churches Need Diversity

We cannot forget that in a divided society, the church must model unity.

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About the Great Commission

This conversation between Jesus and his apostles is jam-packed with important things for us to know.

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Progressive Evangelicals

Despite the misconceptions, progressive evangelicals do take the Bible seriously — and love Jesus.

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Christians Need to Reclaim the Practice of Piety

In this Lenten season, let’s remember that piety is the joyful fulfilling of our duty to God and each other.

All Is Dust and DNA

Here’s what happens when you pair the truth of Ash Wednesday with that of evolution.

Prostitutes Will Enter God’s Kingdom Before You

A Q&A with Hookers for Jesus founder, Annie Lobert, on sex work, stigmas, and her Savior.

Christian Women, Don’t Do This on a First Date

Stop looking for your future husband and look for a date instead.

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How Evangelicals Can End the Culture War

As evangelicals, we need to reclaim the Great Commandment and Great Commission.